Economic Development

Appropriate and effective economic development is vital to the communities of the 2nd County District. To this end as an entrepreneur and  owner of multiple businesses and social enterprises over the years, it is my goal to advocate entrepreneurship and community outreach efforts to provide 2nd District communities with the necessary tools for sustainable economic development. This includes how to start a business, doing business with Cook County and other Government entities and understanding and becoming knowledgeable about Cook County resources for businesses.


I believe that access to effective healthcare should be the right of every citizen of the 2nd District. I have learned through my many years of experience as a behavioral health provider, that in order to develop healthy communities, it is important that Cook County implements a healthcare system that focuses on primary and preventive health strategies.


It is critical to the 2nd District that we address traditional health challenges

and illnesses that disproportionately effect minority communities, including mental health and substance abuse related issues.

It is very important that Cook County ramps up its Medicaid Program (County Care) in an effort to better serve those who are disadvantaged, disenfranchised and the most vulnerable in the 2nd District.

Public Safety

Public safety is the key to maintaining environmental peace of mind. I will continue to advocate for a well trained and fair criminal justice system that provides fiscally sound approaches to maintaining public safety and aggressively implementing effective reentry services and programs for those who are incarcerated  as well as those who are on probation. 


I am a strong proponent of jail-based and community-based programs that help reduce recidivism and lower jail and detention center costs.